S9kf1124 Ebc Brake Disc And Pad Kits 2-wheel Set Front New For Chevy De Ville

   S9KF1124 EBC Brake Disc and Pad Kits 2-Wheel Set Front New for Chevy De Ville. EBC Brake Disc and Pad Kit. EBC S9 YELLOWSTUFF BRAKE PAD AND USR ROTOR BRAKE KITS. The S9 Yellowstuff brake pad and USR rotor brake kits from EBC are ideal for drivers who like to go fast and want their brakes to be there during those fast laps. The kit uses EBC's ultra-high-friction, Aramid fiber, Yellowstuff pads, which stay effective throughout a wide temperature range, and slotted USR rotors that remove hot gases from the pads to keep them from overheating. EBC's renowned reputation for quality and ...
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